Hi my friends,

The dream has come true! I arrived two days ago in Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia and final destination of my trip with #bamboobike !

These last few days have been very emotional…
Riding a bike in Cambodia was a dream I had for 7 years! First time I discovered this beautiful country.
The reality of this 500 km bike ride was a little bit different… full of joy, pain, suffering, toothache and hospitality again and again!
But I will remember it.

If I have to quote one thing that I have learned along this journey : It is after the galleys, the fear, the monotony, the despair that comes true happiness! Happiness without effort does not have the same depth. Have confidence throughout life! Take risks! Let go! Fight with love and joy will be by your side!

Bamboobike was born in my garage.

I spent a year testing, working on the bamboo, designing the frame and assembling the bike!
It is the first of its kind in the world because it is made from bamboo fibers! I see there infinite possibilities that I believe will solve many ecological problems…

Let’s go for the big test!

On September 18, 2016, I got on my bike to ride EAST!
My goal was clear, simple, a little ambitious… Driving around the world to prove the potential of bamboo and all its advantages!

And we did it!!!
Bamboobike and I drove 17,141 km!

  • We crossed 19 countries,
  • We’ve been through all four seasons; snow, rain, 45°C dry heat, 98% humidity,
  • We also went to push the bike in the Himalayas,
  • Or eat dust in India,
  • We slept in nature,
  • Or between the skyscrapers in Dubai,
  • We carried our house for two years,
  • And we’ve always ridden together !!

Thanks bamboobike! I have the feeling that my creation came to life during this journey, it is no longer a bicycle, but the realization of a dream! People around the world admired his beauty, touched him with curiosity and I pushed him to his limits! And he amazed us all!

I thank the world for welcoming me!

In each of the countries I have crossed, I had curious, intense, deep, warm, troubling meeting. I have met human diversity, and I insist on this term, I have felt as much the personality of each person as their culture that pushes us into boxes. More than before I question my prejudices about religions, cultural differences, social classes! I am convinced, there is beauty everywhere (and I intend to prove it in Cambodia)! Not once during my trip did I feel in danger, sometimes in difficulties, but it was clearly my French habits that were in contradiction with my environment…

Thank you to all of you who welcomed me to have tea, eat or sleep! Thank you for your smiles, our discussions, they opened my mind and made my heart warm. I honestly believe I can love everyone today.

A beautiful final!

My last day on the bike was crazy… I drove 90km without realizing it, I was no longer listening to my body, the sensations were too strong. And when I arrived in Phnom Penh I recognized the buildings, some streets, riverside and there I realized! I’M ARRIVED !

My friends from Phnom Penh prepared me a crazy welcome, it lasted two days!
I had a beautiful finish line in front of the royal palace.
A boat ride
And lots of “Bravo Tony”
OOOh thanks

Many thanks to Mélanie, Aude and Ary!