Bamboo Bike did 6000 km !!

We did a photo shoot on the beautiful island of Bozcada in Turkey and I thought I could present my bike officially!

The adventure began in September 2015 in my garage in Nantes in France. I had the dream of buidling a bamboo bike so I took my ten fingers and my fifty neurons.

This bike is different from the classic bamboo bikes because it is made of bamboo fibers. You’re going to tell me, but what’s the difference? The process I developed will allow me to produce surfboards, skates, skis, boat or canoe hulls, furniture, decorative objects … I have succeeded in transforming the bamboo to a flexible, standard and usable material for making a wide variety of products.

And it ride fast !!

All the lights are green, my prototype hold on! I ride an average of 90 km a day, on roads and paths, he is carrying 35 kg of luggage and myself without flinching! I see the interest of bamboo, which provides flexibility and comfort while being rigid and fast. Pothole don’t scare him !

Thank you to all my partners

Patrick Noirclerc (Axson company, production of epoxy resin) gave me a lot of advice on composite processes and provided me the resin needed to make the bike.

Bambougers to provided me good quality bamboo !

L’école d’architecture de Nantes, which allowed me to use their laser cutter. This was essential during a stage of the manufacture of the bike.

ATAO, for their good mood first and for providing me with some bike accessories.

Now you can admire my bike =) What do you think ?