Hi my friends,

Sometimes you better say nothing but just enjoy the scenery!

I have been in Azerbaijan for two days and I have finally found a moment to write you my article on Georgia!

But unfortunately I don’t have time to write a complete article so I let you enjoy the few 120 pictures I’ve made! Still with comments!

First of all, a first Album that tells about my route between the border with Turkey and Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. View album géorgie et ses routes de montagnes !

Visas and visas again !

When I arrived in Tbilisi I had to get my visa for Azerbaijan and Iran! And lucky enough, the Iranian embassy was closed on Thursday, the day of my arrival, Friday was the day of independence and so I had to wait until the following Monday! No worries I’ll go for a walk in the mountains of the Great Caucasus! View album Grand Caucase !

On my return, on Tuesday I went to the embassy! In one hour I managed to pay the visa in a bank, to register for travel insurance, print the receipt and return to the embassy. The next day I got my visa =)

For the Azerbaijani visa, the procedure is online and it is better to avoid making mistakes to write his first name if that makes 24 + 24 = 48 Dollars! =)

Patrick the fisherman !

On the side of the road, I was waiting patiently with the thumb in the air … We spent the day together to catch fish and he even managed to catch 8 small trout! We directly went to the first village to ask to cook them! A great thank you Patrick!

When I went back to Tbilisi he welcomed me in his beautiful apartment! Great view of Tbilisi!

And finally we went to see the world cup of Rugby under 20 years. France – South Africa and Georgia – Argentina! We both lost = (

Another encounter that shows me that nothing is predictable in my journey and that it is the most beautiful !!

Thank you Patrick! =)

The continuation in Azerbaijan! =)

Photo albums !

(Click on the picture to see the full album, the comments can be translate by the google button on the top of the page)