Hey friends,

Obobo I didn’t give you news during four months !!

I spent four wonderful months in Albania. Albania, you know when you get there, but not when you leave! I started again to ride in direction of Greece on March 25, it was an emotional day …

Tirana Backpacker hostel

Until the end of my stay in Albania I volunteered in my hostel in Tirana. This place is magical, I met wonderful volunteers and exciting travelers. It was a pleasure for me to welcome them, to introduce them to the hostel, to cook for them and we spend wonderful time speaking.

With Ilir, the manager of the place, we made a water solar panel with recycled materials and we did many small jobs! I loved tinkering with you! Thanks =)

Thank you Valbona for your smile, you are the sun of this hostel! Valbona is a student in accounting and she also manages the hostel. I enjoyed our many discussions and evenings together! Congratulations on your progressing level of French ! =)

Thank you my friends for these wonderful moments I spent with you!

Thank you for this funny interview !


After my return from France for four weeks I worked again with Pezana and her team! During my absence they had a lot of work and many problems with the manager. Unfortunately the organization I had set up was not completely followed, but the new shelves, tables and rolling trolleys make it easier to organize the workflow.

I realized that the work I started with pezana required me to stay much more longer and to be taken over by a reliable manager who is open to change. I learned a lot about the operation of a small company in a complex social environment, thank you!

Thank you to all the team for the magical moments I spent with you, the few words of Albanian that I learned at least allowed us to laugh! =)

Pezana is aextraordinary woman and entrepreneur! She is one of those people who do not stop working, questionning herself and undertaking projects that are out of the ordinary! She now faces some difficulties with her company and she needs all our positive thoughts! Thank you, Pezana, I greatly appreciate the project you lead, and you helped persuade myself that one day (soon) I will start my business!

Great Albania!

I tell you again Albania is a beautiful country, full of people with the hand on the heart! Albanians peoples do not have a simple history and even today they are fighting corruption that complicates their lives. Faced to the difficulties of life, they answer “Avach Avach” which means slowly, it’s a country where they still take the time to enjoy a coffee with friends and that is socialy really important! One day I asked Niku, an employee of Pana, what was his religion, and he replied me : “Albania !!”. It’s beautiful, in Albania there is no racism, every religion cohabit peacefully.

How not to be happy in a country where nature offers so much! I went on the coast to Durrës, I visited the Pellumbas cave, I climbed the Dajti Mountain near Tirana and In Shkoder I climbed The Mount Maranai, it’s just beautiful! See photos =)

A very long goodbye !

It took me three days to leave! We made a first goodbye party, then a second and finally a third. I enjoyed the time I spent with you, the last few weeks were epic! But the hard part was to be alone on my bike riding to Greece and to spend my first dinner alone with my bike while we were eating all together. And finally I crossed the border when it was cold and without sun, not enough to cheer up =(. But slowly my thirst for adventure took over and after few days I enjoyed again my cycling days!